The Pantheistic dynasty includes...


Fights petty crime in an orange unitard when he's not spitting on the sidewalk


Prone to singing musical numbers to soothe the recently harassed

The Toad:

Uses his pulsating tongue to deliver some quite sticky bubbles onto his adversaries. Living at home with his Mum, the toad uses his bedroom (known as the Lily pad) as Flyswatter HQ
Rakish, Water proof and wind-resistant. Flyswatter's ne'er do good nemesis

The Fish:

Met Crodmo in a drainage ditch and is short,short tempered.
The Fish has undergone a metamorphosis and become "Le Poisson".

Actually He hopes to be known as "poison" and is known to fly into an ineffectual rage when titled en francais. Look for this fella in drugstores as he subsists on a diet of floral scented lady's deodorant


The drinks of the cast!:

The Flyswatter consists of:
• Earl Grey tea (cooled)
• 1% milk
• Honey (preferably Billy Bee brand)
• Gin
(note: this drink is, as yet, untested, but must surely be better than the previous Flyswatter which was Vodka and Guava juice. That might sound good but only tastes good if you like your drink to taste like corned beef from a can. You think I'm kidding? Give it a try)

Okay, new note: This drink kicks ass. So very flowery and Britishy

The Emoticon consists of:
• Carolans Irish Cream Liquor
• 1% milk
• 2 coffee ice cubes
(This drink kicks ass but is better if the cubes are allowed to melt for about 5-10 minutes)

The Toad is simple but classy:
• Ovaltine
• Cold (!)1% milk
(What else would you expect from someone who lives with his Mum?)

The Crodmo:
We are trying to call a temporary truce to find out his drink of choice. Crodmo, if you are reading this, we should sit down and knock a couple back.

Le Poisson/Fish: