Artists in The Library

From September through the end of November, 2018 I'm participating in this Toronto Arts Council/Toronto Public Library program. The mandate is to place artists in libraries (outside of the core) to create projects grounded in community engagement.

I'll be at the Mimico Centennial branch of The TPL working on my graphic novel project, Last Three Last Name and will also be hosting a number of outreach components. All are welcome, Mimico denizens or not.

Any questions, drop me a line

Open Studio sessions
(Tuesday - Friday, afternoons)

Anyone is welcome to come and talk with me and/or work alongside with their own project.


Workshops (See below for detailed list and materials)

Wednesdays 6-8pm
A series of two-hour classes on the constituent components of a graphic novel: Drawing, Inking/colouring, Digital tools, Professional practice/social media and more.

Monthly lectures

second Tuesday of each month, 7-8pm:
A series of talks related to themes present in the graphic novel:

Sept. 11: War art post 9/11
Oct. 09: The graphic novel memoir
Nov. 13: Military sociology


Mimico Stories

(Tuesday - Friday, afternoons)

Based on engagement with library goers and other Mimico residents, I'll be creating a series of four-panel comics that will be compiled into a printed comic book. 

Some snippets from Last Three Last Name

Workshops: Building a comic book 
(Wednesdays 6-8PM, between Sept 05 – November 28)
Introduction:Text and Image:(Sept. 5)

An overview of the essential components of working in a comic book format. How to start to think about making a comic book.


Drawing (Sept. 12, 19, 26)

How to create a drawing from the ground up. What are the tools of drawing and how to develop drawings as stand-alone images and/or as part of a comic book.

Inking/Colouring (Oct. 03, 10, 17)
Working with various wet and dry media to add presence and life to your drawn images, with a focus on drawings that will be brought into a printed format.

Digital tools (Oct. 24, Nov. 07)

* Note, there is no workshop on Hallowe’en
Using standard platforms such as Photoshop to make your art ready for printing or for online platforms. To include drawing and painting tools, as well as appropriate image settings.

Layout/printing (Nov. 14, 21)
Taking all the elements used so far and assembling them in a printed and/or digital format.

Professional Practice/Social Media (Nov. 28)
Looking at ways to find an audience as well as how to present you and your work for funding or publishing/exhibition.

Materials list for workshops

Below is a suggested list of materials for the various workshops. If unsure of what a tool is, or what to buy, don’t worry. We will discuss all the tools as we progress. (and I'll have some spares to share as needed).


Introduction: Text and Image

  • No requirements: 

* Instructor will bring tools and references



  • Sketchbook or other drawing paper

  • Pencils (2H, 2B suggested)

  • Eraser (white suggested)

  • Sharpener

  • Pen: One or more of the following:

    • Fine liner, ballpoint, gel



  • Appropriate paper: Sketchbook, Watercolour paper/pad, illustration board or equivalent

  • Brushes – A selection of various shapes and sizes (watercolour or watermedia)

  • Wet media: Ink, watercolour, gouache 

  • Plastic Palette with wells (alternate: Yoghurt or margarine lids)

  • Brushpen or alternate (optional)

  • Blotting surface (paper toil, toilet paper, etc.)


Digital tools

* There is no workshop on Hallowe'en

  • Students will need to bring their own laptops with Photoshop or equivalent.

*is a recommended alternate, and is free to download.



  • Sheets of paper: 8.5”x11” or similar

*Instructor will provide rulers, tape, cutting surfaces and staplers

* This workshop series will look at both analogue and digital tools.


Professional practice/Social media

  • No requirements: 

* Instructor will bring tools and references

* Students can bring laptops/smart phones if desired