“The river was blank and mindless with beauty. It was the most glorious thing I had ever seen.” 
- James Dickey, Deliverance


My art practice is centred on moments of transition used as metaphors for revelation; Of narratives set at the fulcrum of the known to the unknown and of worlds about to change. In the simplest terms, one might call these images film stills of a utopic journey. Part and parcel is an emphasis on citation – in imagery and titles – as a means to gather evidence of the difficulty and grace of living in the world. 

Materially, my emphasis on ink or watercolour on paper echoes a sentiment of wandering and exploration. It is predominantly a practice based on portability and minimalism, and of using the art object is an extension of this paradigm.

These images then, take on the central paradox of rendering what is unpresentable — that which exists beyond the known. Past the last tree in the forest or the burnt-out car on a highway – and towards the revelation that might be found past the limits of our imaginings.